Oily smudges from the window do little to refract the bright summer light that filters in from outside, warming the flesh as it strikes. The last bite from a juicy orange is taken, the sweetness within reveled as its fibers are consumed.  Tables spread out from this windowed wall, welcoming a handful of other patrons as they partake in their midday meals.  The gaze turns back past the smudges and reflects on the day as a view of the mountain outside is appreciated.

A breath is drawn sharply in reaction to the buzzing which comes from the phone as a new message is received.  The sleek device is withdrawn from a white cotton shirt, a finger presses a button and the words are read.

Adrenaline surges as a need is realized.  The lunch tray urgently picked up, its contents disposed before carelessly being tossed atop the receptacle.  Hurried steps clatter against tiled floor, uncertain eyes strike to make acquaintance and look down as they step aside to avoid the rushing excitement.

Patients in their frail gowns soon watch the rush as hurried legs whisk past as a nurse joins the fray.  Her lips move while her feet artfully step in unison.  Comprehension settles and a plan forms.

Lather breathes under the torrent of scalding water, scouring doubt from the pores.

Gloves donned, gown in place, the doors split to reveal a figure bathed in transcendent light, prepared.

Tubes intersect flesh, pulsing tones alert all to status, a life hangs in the balance while confidence reigns once more.

Skill wields the blade as steel divides flesh, seeking truth.  Once found and the cause removed, steps back are taken while the wound is closed.  Time is the cardinal ruler now.

Breaths grow shallow but resolute as eyelids flicker. Hope is present.  The present once more settles in.

A hand settles upon the iron plate of the hall’s door, pressing firmly to escape the operative room.

Nerves settle down as relief washes through each pulse and new, determined steps control direction.

Another door is touched, another room entered and a myriad of eyes are raised, begging for answers. Only one set is true.  Quickened steps bring the patient’s wife over, her countenance asking silently, “How is he?”

With relief your pace slows and a reassuring smile graces your lips as the good news of your patient’s success and expected recovery.  Gratitude breathes life into her once more, setting you at ease.  Your work is done.


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