Roderick Davidson is a Fantasy author, a gaming enthusiast, a father, and a loving husband. He is currently striving to control the chaotic creativity that runs rampant through his brain through bursts of inspired insanity as he strings series of words together in the hopes that a portion of them will prove coherent and interesting.

The calming influence of wind as it whips through the trees overhead at night seems to encourage an inner calmness for new thoughts to run through.

He enjoys reading fantasy novels, some science fiction, and is quickly learning to appreciate both steampunk and alternate universes.

He is quite fond of strategic games and RPGs alike. He wishes that he had time to entertain both his need for a creative outlet as well as his need to dodge through endless worlds avoiding the arrows that are cruelly aimed for his knees. And no, his sweet roll was not stolen, thank you very much.

For those who are lucky enough to not drown while he is GM’ing a game of Rolemaster or Pathfinder, you get +2 to swimming.

Roderick’s Goodreads page is here.

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Roderick Davidson’s books on Goodreads

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Roderick has
read 7 books toward his goal of 20 books.


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  1. Hi Roderick, I have nominated you for a Lovely Blogger Award! I understand if you’re too busy to accept, but I just thought I’d stop by to say that I enjoy your blog. Have a great week! Here is the award post:


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