January went by far too quickly. Recovered from the holidays and no matter how much I stared at the Christmas tree, it simply refused to pack itself up to be stored for the next holiday season. Nothing earth-shattering to otherwise report.

Books read:

Blood Song – by Anthony Ryan – Loved this book, posted the review on GoodReads and Amazon.

Riddle in Stone – by Robert Evert – I liked this book, the hero is a departure from what is typically portrayed, which is a plus for me. I will write the review soon.

Branded: Fall of Angels – by Keary Taylor – I really wanted to like this book since the premise is a good one. It just fell flat for me. Will write the review soon.

If you are at all interested in what I’ve read so far this year, the list can be found here.

Games played – Still meeting up with my gaming group on a semi-regular basis which means twice a month. Poked around in Skyrim. No real time to devote to anything substantial.

Music – Nothing new looked into.

Recent Books Purchased:

Snuff – Terry Pratchett – I’ve heard good things about Pratchett, and have looked at other works of his.

Timecaster Supersymmetry – JA Konrath / Jack Kilborn – Looked interesting.

A Song of Fire and Ice Books One through Four – George RR Martin – On the list to read.  I’ve poked my nose through the first part of book one, and I like what I’ve seen so far.

Blood of Dragons – Robin Hobb – Looks good, have heard good things of Robin Hobb.

Critical Failures II – Robert Bevan – Though his brand of humor is not for everyone, I personally enjoy his books greatly.

I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen – Sylvie Simmons – I’ve been a long-time fan of Cohen, and this looked like a good book.

Second Sight: Second Tale of the Lifesong – Greg Hamerton – I’ve partially read his first, looks interesting enough for me to continue on so I picked this up for when I can finish the first one.

The Tyranny of the Night – Glen Cook – Looks good, picked up on a whim.

Goals for February :

Projects – The adventure for Neo-Exodus is temporarily on hold until I can finish Pallitine Falling.

Writing – Revising what I’ve previously written for Pallitine Falling, and am combing through older content and making changes that were introduced in published version of Pallitine Rising that hadn’t already made it to the current draft of Falling.

February’s Reading List:

Ex-Heroes – by Peter Clines – Zombies and superheroes, ‘nuff said.

Ex-Patriots – by Peter Clines – Zombies and superheroes part 2, ‘nuff said.

Hollow World – by Michael J Sullivan – Time travelling to an unknown future. Looking forward to this one.

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