2013 was an interesting year.  As the year started, I was mired in frustration as it was kindly pointed out to me that Pallitine Rising lacked the focus that I really wanted it to have.  Truth be told, at the time it held three different storylines and lacked cohesion.  What I ended up doing was to focus on one of the storylines and flesh it out to the story that I eventually released in June.  During this process, I was fortunate enough to have had Piers Anthony agree to read the book and while he did point out some punctuation flaws (which an editor was later hired to work with me to correct), fortunately he gave a favorable review of the book.  After this, June saw the release of my first book, and all that went with it. I participated in NaNoWriMo as was mentioned last month, and this was generally a moderately busy year. No complaints at all.

Age never seems to creep up on one as much as it does when the oldest child reaches the age of 18.  I’ll likely look upon this year with great envy when my youngest does the same.

My nephew got married, and I had the good fortune of seeing some of my siblings at the reception that I had not seen in quite some time – many years, in fact. It was definitely a festive occassion and am glad that I went.

For the Christmas holiday, the Davidson clan headed out to see family. For this holiday, we went to my brother’s house and spent Christmas eve catching up and doing our annual white elephant exchange. All in all, it was nice to see family again.

Books read – The Stars Were Right – by K.M. Alexander. Great, fun book. I’ve heard from the author that another adventure is not too far off for our favorite caravaneer from Lovat. Looking forward to it. I thought I had spent more time reading than just the one book, but looking back, it seems like work, the holidays, and surrounding festivities took up more time than I recalled.

As I look back on my list of books read for 2013, the tally is 19, but I would truly only count 17 of them since one is technically a short story, and the other a gaming manual for Pathfinder.  It’s interesting to look back on what one has read the year prior.  If you are at all interested, the list can be found here.

Games played – The gaming group I belong to recently started up a new Pathfinder campaign – Rise of the Rune Lords. So far we’re pretty near the beginning, but it’s turning out pretty good. My munchkin side was eyeing the Summoner class – specifically the Synthesist build, simply because it’s been a while since I’ve played a caster. And while I’m gearing up the Synthesist for more of an “Iron Man” build and am a caster/tank and rarely cast actual spells, I’m holding tenaciously onto the belief that I’m playing a caster. Aside from that, I’ve tinkered with the new version of Baldur’s Gate and reliving that classic as well as diving back into the realm of Skyrim. Good times.

Music – Reflektor by Arcade Fire. I saw these guys on Saturday Night Live not long ago, and have listened to them since. Good band.  I had some music credit on Amazon so I picked up the MP3 version of their album.

Recent Books Purchased :

The Park Service – by Ryan Winfield : Picked this up on a lark. It looks like it might have potential.

Bloody Mary – by J.A. Konrath : I’ve glanced at his blog off and on, and he seems pretty down to earth. These aren’t typically what I would prefer to read, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons. Plus it was on sale.

Shaken – by J.A. Konrath : Same as above.

Stirred – by J.A. Konrath : Same as above.

A World Without Heroes – by Brandon Mull : I’ve heard recently that it was a good read. Putting it on the stack.

Immune – by Shannon Mayer : Urban Fantasy. Trying new things, putting it on the stack.

Ex-Heroes – by Peter Clines : I picked up the second in the series last month, broke down and purchased the first this month. Zombies and Super Heroes for the win. Don’t try to figure out the method to my madness, there is none.

The Lost Hero – by Rick Riordan : Looks like a fun ride, adding it to the stack.

NOS4A2 – by Joe Hill : Another recommendation from another friend. I checked out the preview, looked good. On the stack.

The Mongoliad, books 1 – 4 – by various accredited authors : I’ve heard murmurings of this series for quite some time. I’ve been meaning to snag them up, but couldn’t justify it with the number of books already on my stack that I need to read. This was until I saw the entire series go on sale. Now they’re on the stack.

Dialogue Tips & Traps: A Guide for Fiction Writers – by Brent Spencer : I picked up this book, along with a handful of other books on perfecting the craft of writing. Life is about learning – and when you think you’ve learned it all, you’re done. I’m a long ways from being done.

Goals for January :

Projects – My December goal for writing a basic outline for the lower-level adventure for Neo-Exodus is complete. I am now writing the basic draft for it.

Writing – I’ve formally put Unity on hold and am fine-tuning plot points for Pallitine Falling so that when I start back in on writing it in February, I can better focus my efforts.

January’s Reading List :

Blood Song – by Anthony Ryan. This is the book that interrupted my reading of Riddle in Stone. My brother recommended this one during the holidays and I’m quite happy that he did. I’ve posted a review on Goodreads and will post it here eventually.

Riddle in Stone – by Robert Evert. I added this to my list last month, but only started reading this seriously this month. Currently I am nearing the end and will write a review once finished.

Branded: Fall of Angels – by Keary Taylor. One thing that I’m striving to do this year is broaden my literary fare, and that includes reading things that I might not’ve given a second glance before. Once I took a closer look at this book, something about it struck me. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’m done.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Waitaminute – didn’t he just buy a stack of books to read? Why aren’t they showing up in his reading list? What about the books he picked up last month? Those are very good questions indeed, and I’m very aware of the stack of books looming over me that I’d like to read, or feel like I need to read for various reasons. To explain, what I do is I tend to listen to what other folk are saying about books, and if I hear enough murmurings regarding a given book I’ve otherwise had no contact with I’ll keep an eye peeled for it and see if it sparks my interest in more than a passing manner. If close personal acquaintances highly recommend something, I’ll be likely to act sooner. Now, for this holiday season especially, there were a good number of books that went on sale that I simply couldn’t refuse picking them up. What’s going to end up happening here, is these books will get set on the stack with others that I have on my priority stack (and it IS a bit of a stack) and whittle away at it while trying NOT to increase the number of books I want / need to read. What typically ends up happening is when I have a nice stack looming over me, I’ll slow down my purchases to those that really spark my interest. This typically equates to one book a month. By doing this, my stack will slowly be whittled away to something manageable before I eye more books that I’d like to read.

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