**** 4 stars

Two notes before continuing.

If you dislike excessive vulgarity, don’t bother reading this book.

If you can’t relate with off the wall, juvenile humor in a book where the protagonists are brash and abrasive young men who are stuck in a Dungeons and Dragons style game, then don’t bother reading this book.

Now then…  With that out of the way – three words.  Love this book.  I do.  It’s not the wittiest book.  It’s not the deepest book.  It’s not even the longest book out there. It’s 36 pages. And each one *is* VERY funny.  If you have a gaming background, spent too much of your youth playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, then this is definitely a book for you.

There is absolutely nothing edifying about this book.  Nothing deep or meaningful.  It will likely offend a lot of people with the crude humor.  This is just four idiots in a screwed up situation doing what they can to survive and royally screwing up even the simplest tasks while they’re at it.  And it works.

This, like many other series I’ve started to read, started with a completely different book.  Still no clue why I find it hard to start a series on book one – but for this series especially, you won’t miss much if you skip around.  Looking forward to reading the rest.