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Ok – now that the dust has settled, and NaNoWriMo is over with, I am once again back and ready to blog on my ever-loved, semi-regular basis.  For the record, I do try to post once a week, with the exception of the weeks I don’t.

NaNo progress – I’ve written 201 pages of Pallitine Fallen in November, and for a while I was wondering if I would actually be able to finish, but I managed to set aside a fair amount of time during Thanksgiving weekend and finished it a few days ahead of schedule, following which I promptly lapsed into a coma. At least it felt like it.

Anyways – December’s goals!

My goals for December are as follows:

At least one posting here with tips on ebook creation and/or Scrivener.

Looking (and hopefully securing) a cover-artist for Pallitine Rising to hire in January. One that I won’t have to sell my spleen to pay, at least. 😉

Starting the revising process for Pallitine Rising, and making good headway on the final touches on scene-setting and other touching up that needs to be done.

And last, but not least, research various methods of book promotion for when Pallitine Rising is released.

My current goal is to have it ready to be released by the end of March or early April once I’ve had a few trusted cohorts and unsuspecting volunteers read the beta version for me and I’ve had enough time to make the final revisions and edits before sending it off to the world of self-publishing and release it.  I am busy plotting and planning the book’s final release from captivity, while working on plotting out the second half of Pallitine Fallen.  My goal for that one is to have most of the second book written before April so I can start the process all over again, and start plotting out the third book.  And the cycle will begin anew…

OK – enough craziness for now.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I’ll see you soon.