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While writing Pallitine Rising, one of the tools that I’ve really grown fond of is the ability to create epubs in Scrivener (Windows version) so that I can review the manuscript for edits and revisions when I’m away from the keyboard.  The one downside to this, is the table of contents that is created is somewhat inflexible in placement and in order to circumvent this, one must create their own ToC and place it where they want.  At the time of this writing however, this creates two seperate tables of contents.  Fortunately, there are tools out there such as Sigil, that you can use to format the epub that is created to remove the first ToC and make other formatting changes as needed.  Once that is done, I use EPUB to MOBI to convert to a Kindle friendly format and walla! I’m off and running with my work in progress, ready for me to notate with revisions as needed.  Now, I’ve tried Calibre to convert the epub – and as of yet have been unable to convert formats without skewing any formatting that I’ve done – and since I’ve been using EPUB to MOBI I haven’t really bothered to find out how to easily convert the ebooks, so it’s quite possible that I’m doing something wrong.  Now – this is the only issue I’ve really had with Scrivener – and love using the tool for both writing and organizing my thoughts on this and future projects.

Anyways, I’ll be posting my experiences and perhaps even a brief how-to on creating an epub using the tools mentioned above since after researching the issue I don’t appear to be the only one who has struggled with similar issues with the ToC topic and Scrivener.