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Another week has passed, and I’m almost done with editing the first half of the book.  If, for some reason, I do not finish tonight it should be finished tomorrow night.  Finally. 🙂

Instead of posting the same stats that I have lately, I’ve opted to put up an excerpt from the one of the later chapters in the first half of the book.

Let me know what you think, and have a great week.

Taken from chapter 9 of Pallitine Rising –

The wyrm crept to the mouth of the cave and peered in, watching Garren cautiously.

The druid sat grasping the orb and begged it to work, frantic now that the wyrm was staring right at him.

The sinewy creature snorted confidently and moved into the cave, gauging his prey while it stalked closer.

Engulfed in panic, Garren screamed at the orb and shook it vigorously.  Instantly, a dark and smoky stream poured out from within the orb as the artifact reacted to the druid’s cries. Garren stopped, dumbfounded by the turn of events. The smoke came slowly at first, then quickened as if the vapors were some snake winding its way out of a basket it had been caged in for too long.

The beast backed up, staring at the druid and the dark effluvium pouring out from the orb around him. It glanced about and inhaled deeply, appearing uncertain of the image before it.

The darkened vapors slid around Garren’s unmoving form as he sat entranced by the orb and the magic within. The stream of churning smoke drank the light from the room as it grew and made it harder for the druid to see the danger in front of him. Wisps of the mystical vapors chilled his flesh while sticking to it like it was already a natural extension of his body. In a surge, the smoke slithered over his face, swam down his throat, and choked him.

The taste of salt and sulfur overwhelmed the terrified figure as the stream filled his lungs and consumed his thoughts. Garren’s eyes bulged as he panicked and dropped the orb, gripped his neck, and flailed out with his legs. A single word ran through his mind as he flailed about, watching in horror as the beast dove deeper into the cavern toward him and belched a searing burst of flame upon his writhing form.