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Ok, a week has passed and my time has disappeared in committments and rewrites among other things. I now have 11 chapters edited, with 2 more left to undergo the revision process.  The thing in this past week that I noticed was that one of the chapters I was editing had three different parts to it, some of which needed minor embellishing so I ended up splitting chapter 10 into chapters 10, 11, and 12.  I anticipate the next two chapters (12 and 13) needing more rewrites than I’d like to admit – but, things ARE moving, just slower than what I’d like to see. Once these two are done, it will be back to writing with just over half the book done.

Current edited page count for the first 11 chapters ~180 pages.

Pages left to edit before I head back into writing mode ~ 34.

Current word count (which includes content beyond the first 11 chapters) ~ 65,100.